Parents and Students: Please watch the video series below to find out more about Spanish class here at CHS!

SENIORS and SENIOR PARENTS: Check out the scholarship link below.

Look in the Downloads section for a copy of our goals for the Spanish program at Carlyle High School (the National Foreign Language standards) and how we meet them.  Class syllabi and classroom rules are also available in the download section.

Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy and Commendation toward Biliteracy (0)

World Language Students in the state of Illinois who demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English and at least one other language qualify for the Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy or Commendation toward Biliteracy.  Students must meet or achieve on all standardized tests in English to prove proficiency.  Those students scoring an i5 (intermediate high) or better on the AAPPL (ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Language) will be awarded the prestigious Seal of Biliteracy.  Those students scoring i1-i4 (intermediate low-mid) will be awarded the Commendation toward Biliteracy for their achievement above the national average. 

Students interested in earning the seal will take the AAPPL exam in their junior or senior year (at a cost of $20) and may retake any section (listening, reading, writing, or speaking) up to two more times in order to attempt to raise the score.  Retaking sections will be at the test taker's expense.  Scholarship opportunities are available for students who earn the Seal of Biliteracy or Commendation toward Biliteracy.

For more information on the Seal of Biliteracy and Commendation toward Biliteracy, visit the Illinois State Board of Education website

1st Video: How is learning individualized for each student?

Learn how different learning styles as well as different fluency levels are addressed in this class.

2nd Video: How will students learn to speak Spanish?

Learn about the method used to teach Spanish at Carlyle High School.

3rd Video: Grading in Spanish

Watch this video to find out how students are graded in Spanish class.

4th video: Technology for Enrichment

Encourage your students to use the opportunities provided to expand their vocabulary and knowledge of Spanish culture!

6th video: Frequently asked questions

This video will answer many frequently asked questions.  Please contact me if your question is not addressed here.

Awesome reading resource for Spanish 3/4 or 2 if you're daring!

Try it with! It will allow you to read and get help as needed. This is perfect for reading practice!

This is just really fun! Use it for projects!
Students are asked to sell 5 items each to help stock the Spanish club fund for the year! Our club fund pays for our transportation to Six Flags Fright Fest, ice skating, and laser tagging, for our Spanish honor society honors night, for classroom materials that make learning more fun and more effective, and for guest speakers who come to class in order to share their lives abroad with us! Please consider supporting our organization with this fall fundraiser Sept 2-15!

Class Blog
My blog for the class. This blog provides reading for students at all levels.
Coolest Spanish/English dictionary EVER!

Give this a try!  It is the coolest thing I ever saw! :)

Do you like puzzles?

Cute little puzzle game of the provinces of Spain! Just move the provinces into the appropriate autonomous community!

Edmodo social network
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Escucha musica GRATIS!!!

Listen to some free Spanish music! See if you can find something you like!!!

FUN FUN FUN site for making presentations!
You can make your little guys talk to each other in Spanish too!


Grades online

Check your student's grade any time here on TeacherEase. I update grades weekly. You will receive a code from me in your email at the beginning of the year or you can request it any time.

History Lovers: Historias de la Historia!

Expand your language skills by reading things that interest YOU!!! Check out this site for stories about history!

Latino Culinary Academy
Looking for new recipes? Try here!
Latino Radio online BATANGA

Try this site. You can choose your favorite music by genre! :)

Mi vida loca, online episodes for Spanish I and II
Official Website of Camila

View videos, listen to music, and read bios about the members of the band Camila.

Online newspapers
People en espanol
Read people magazine online in Spanish!
Powerpoint is so 2010... Try this!

MUCH cooler than a powerpoint! Show off with this type of presentation! There's a little bit of a learning curve, so practice!

Practice those listening skills, upper levels!

Check out some real Spanish news stories in "slower" Spanish. It is still fast! You'll have to listen carefully and maybe more than once. It is GREAT practice. Use video clues and context clues to figure out what they're saying!

Readings on a lot of different topics.

You will find some very difficult articles and some that are a little more manageable. Just choose what you think you can read through!

Reik's official website

All the information you could ever want about the band Reik!  Check out the new music here or on youtube... Peligro is a great song!


This is a scholarship some of you might be interested in!  Let me know if I can help you apply!

Seventeen Magazine in Spanish

Just like you read Seventeen in English for fun, read the magazine here in Spanish for fun. It is a great way to expand your vocabulary and advance your fluency in the language!

Spanish English Dictionary
REALLY great dictionary online.
Sports en espanol
Like ESPN deportes, this site is a great place to get your sports news!
Tu en linea... Another fun online magazine!

This is a great online magazine and a fun way to build your reading skills in Spanish!

Tween Tribune
Read articles at the intermediate level.
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Wikipedia in espanol
Actividades, musica, noticias, y mucho mas para practicar el espanol.