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2019 Kaskaskian Classic

  • Pool A: Pinckneyville, Freeburg, Flora, Greenville
    Pool B: Woodlawn, Okawville, Hillsboro, Carlyle

    Saturday, November 30

    3:00 PM Pinckneyville vs. Greenville

    4:30 PM Woodlawn vs. Carlyle

    6:00 PM Okawville vs. Hillsboro

    7:30 PM Freeburg vs. Flora

    Tuesday, December 3

    6:00 PM Flora vs. Pinckneyville

    7:30 PM Hillsboro vs. Woodlawn

    Wednesday, December 4

    6:00 PM Greenville vs. Freeburg

    7:30 PM Carlyle vs. Okawville

    Thursday, December 5

    6:00 PM Pinckneyville vs. Freeburg

    7:30 PM Woodlawn vs. Okawville

    Friday, December 6

    6:00 PM Flora vs. Greenville

    7:30 PM Hillsboro vs. Carlyle

    Saturday, December 7

    3:00 PM 4th Place Pool A vs. 4th Place Pool B

    4:30 PM 3rd Place Pool A vs. 3rd Place Pool B

    6:00 PM 2nd Place Pool A vs. 2nd Place Pool B

    7:30 PM 1st Place Pool A vs. 1st Place Pool B


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