• Payroll

     Payroll checks are processed and distributed on the 15th and 30th of each month, with the first pay for the year (for contracted nine month employees) distributed September 15th.  Timesheets are turned in on the last day of each month and will be paid on the 15th of the following month.

    Unless we are notified otherwise, the checks and direct deposit vouchers are sent to the various buildings for distribution during the school year and mailed to homes during the summer months.  It's important to notify us if and when you have a change of address, name change, or change in tax status.  Employees have the option to enroll in direct deposit at any time.


    Mandatory Deductions

     Mandatory deductions include federal and state income tax.  The tax is calculated by the computer and based on the W-4 and IL-4 entries.  Other mandatory deductions include:  Medicare deduction at the rate of 1.45% for all employees, TRS at the rate of 9.4% annually, IMRF (for non-certified positions requiring 600 or more hours annually) at the rate of 4.5%, and FICA (Social Security) for all non-certified employees at the rate of 6.2%.

    Teacher pension deductions are taken out September 15th thru May 30th at a higher rate, with none deducted in June, July and August.  Your net pay during the summer months will be more.  The Teacher pension deduction is tax sheltered.  IMRF is also tax-sheltered, thus W-2 annual gross is less by that sheltered amount in both teacher pension (9.4%) and IMRF (4.5%).


    Personal Days

    Two personal days are allowed each school year.  A personal day must be requested in writing and approved by the Superintendent prior to the absence.  Unused personal leave days will be accumulated up to five days.  Any days above that will be added to your accumulated sick leave at the end of the school year.

    Sick Leave

    Employees will be given twelve sick leave days per year, with unlimited accumulation.  Sick leave of three or more successive days may require a statement from a doctor.  


    W-4 Forms   (click link below)

    Illinois W-4 Form   (click link below)

    TRS Member Information and Beneficiary Designation Form (click link below)

    IMRF - Notice of Enrollment  /  Member Information Change Forms (click links below)

    Employee Health Examination Form (click link below)

    Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks Authorization Form (click link below)