• Carlyle Comm. Unit School District No. 1 employs approximately 156 staff members who support our educational mission by teaching, supervising students, providing food service, transporting our students and maintaining our facilities. 

    ADMINISTRATION - We employ 5 administrators (maintaining the requisite State of Illinois School Certification) involved directly in instructionally related administrative positions.  These positions include Superintendent, Principals, Athletic Director.

    TEACHING STAFF - Approximately 84 of our employees are directly involved in student instruction and are "certified staff" members.  We employ certified teachers for our Early Childhood through Senior High School educational programs, as well as certified staff members who support student development (ex: Speech Therapists, School Nurse). 

    EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT STAFF - Approximately 67 staff members support our operation in positions that do not require certification under the Illinois School Code.  These positions include food service positions, secretaries, bus drivers and monitors, bookkeepers, custodians and para-professionals.