Third Grade
  • A Peek at our Week

  • Reading with Mr. Wellen

    Reading Mr. Wellen teaches reading, spelling, and vocabulary. The students will receive spelling homework every week. It is important to make sure the homework gets completed because we will not cover spelling words during the week. We will be working on reading skills and strategies the majority of our week. The students will complete a spelling, vocabulary, and a Cold Read Test every week. Most of the time spelling and vocabulary tests will be on Thursday and Cold Read Tests on Friday! 

  • Math with Miss Lappe


  •  Grammar/Writing with Mrs. Nave


  • Spelling and Vocabulary



     Week 5 Vocabulary Words "A Mountain of History" 


    Carved: To cut something into shape.

    Clues: Hints to help solve a problem or a mystery.

    Grand: When something is GREAT or LARGE.

    Landmark: An important building, structure, or place.

    Massive: When something is enormous.

    Monument: A building, statue, or other object made to honor a person or event.

    National: Has acharacteristic of or has to do with a country.

    Traces: Small bits or signs left behind that show that something was there.


     Week 5 Word Study Words "A Mountain of History" 

    coast, coal, sold, broke, slow, float, soak, scold, note, show, toad, gold, slope, bone, foe, many, where, because


  • Independent Reading

    We encourage all students to spend time reading at home.  We offer the Pizza Hut Book-It program and Six Flags Read to Succeed as incentives throughout the year.  

  • Daily Geography

    Click here if you need a new copy of this week's Daily Geo questions.  We will go over these daily at school and have a quiz on Friday.  Review time at home is always beneficial!

  • Science

    Science is taught by your child's homeroom teacher.  We are using an online program called Mystery Science to supplement or text book.  Our third graders also love Mystery Doug's weekly science videos.  Check him out on YouTube!