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  • The Week at a Glance

    Monday........3rd and 4th Grade Spring Concert 6:30pm (Be there by 6:15pm.)



    Thursday.......Spelling Test

    Friday..........Junior High Visit



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    Language Arts with Mrs. Woods

    Phone: 618-594-3766
    Email: twoods@clinton.k12.il.us

    Week of May 6th

    This week, our writers are addressing envelopes and mailing their business letters of compliment! Additionally, we'll use a song as inspiration to write a letter to our younger selves.

     Spelling Words for this week:  night, knight, piece, peace, right, write, wait, weight, weak, week Students receive a new spelling list every Friday to allow them additional study time over the weekend if needed.   Please encourage your child to bring home his/her Word Work notebook each evening.

    Your student now has a username and password for Typing Club, a free online keyboarding program.  Just click on these words: Typing Club.  Your child's username and password are glued inside their planners.  Please encourage your child to use this website at home for additional practice.  Thank you.



     Here's what your friends are saying about A Dog's Porpoise, by M.C. Ross


    "This book was bittersweet. My favorite part is the last paragraph where Bangor's family all come together, and Natalie jumps in with them, too." -Ava


    "My favorite part is when Lars and Bangor first meet, and Bangor carries Lars to land." -Addy


    "I like how each chapter is from a different character's point of view.  And, I like the last sentence." -Ella


    "I loved it! It's one of my favorite books, and the last page is one of my favorites." -Margaret





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    Math with Mrs. Saatkamp

    Phone: 618-594-3766

    Email: psaatkam@clinton.k12.il.us

       Remember our homework will be over any other previous standards we have already covered this year.

       This week we are reviewing the four math operations and beginning fractions!!


    Math Vocabulary Quiz Friday! Remember we are applying the vocabulary concept!


     The quiz this week will again be a review quiz.

    Illustrated Dictionary- Dictionary for MATH terms



  • Reading with Mrs. Wreath

    Phone: (618)-594-3766

    Email: jalexand@clinton.k12.il.us

    In reading, students will master comprehension skills and vocabulary strategies practiced during the week. We will end the week with a weekly reading assessment, also known as a cold read.  These assessments correspond to the PARCC testing that the students take in the spring.  The cold read consists of two text passages that are new to the students.  The passages are very similar and relate back to the genre and background that was discussed earlier in the week. Your student’s workshop book has every comprehension skill and vocabulary strategy for each week.  These mini lessons are a great way to practice for the weekly reading assessment.  

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    Language Arts, Math, and Reading with Mrs. Schilling




    Fourth graders love learning about energy! This unit contains eight super-charged lessons to explore.