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  • The Week at a Glance



    Wednesday.....Reading Vocabulary Quiz

    Thursday.......Math Vocabulary Quiz

    Friday.......... Language Arts Quiz, S.S. Vocabulary Quiz, Current Event Due



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    Language Arts with Mrs. Woods

    Phone: 618-594-3766
    Email: twoods@clinton.k12.il.us




    Skills: Adverbs & Adverbial Phrases

    Sentence Structure: Adverb Subject Predicate (ASP) and Subject Predicate (SP)

    Details: This week, we're learning about Patriot Day as we review adverbs, learn about adverbial phrases, and review our sentence structures.


    A Typical Week in Language Arts During First Quarter

    Day 1..........Notice and name styles and structures in the mentor sentence& identify parts of speech

    Day 2..........Revise the mentor sentence/Skill practice

    Day 3..........Imitate the mentor sentence/Skill practice

    Day 4..........Skill practice/Freedom Write

    Day 5..........Quiz over this week's skills and sentence structure

    *All of the above activities can be found in your student's Drafting Notebook.

    *Ideally, each day also includes time for students to write in their Writer's Notebooks, allowing for the practice of skills and structures as well as the building of writing stamina.





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    Math with Mrs. Saatkamp

    Phone: 618-594-3766

    Email: psaatkam@clinton.k12.il.us

     The new standard that we will begin working on this week is 4.NBT.1; while continuing 4.NBT.2


    Recognize that in a multi-digit whole number, a digit in one place represents ten times what it represents in the place to its right.

    Next Week's Vocabuary is REVIEW (9/19/19)- I will choose ten words from the previous 3 quizzes. Please refer to your Math Notebook for those lists or your child's Math Folder for the highlighted words with definitions and examples. 



    Math Vocabulary Quiz is Thursday!   

    Illustrated Dictionary- Dictionary for MATH terms



  • Reading with Mrs. Wreath

    Phone: (618)-594-3766

    Email: jalexand@clinton.k12.il.us

    In reading, students will master comprehension skills and vocabulary strategies practiced during the week. We will end the week with a weekly reading assessment, also known as a cold read.  These assessments correspond to the PARCC testing that the students take in the spring.  The cold read consists of two text passages that are new to the students.  The passages are very similar and relate back to the genre and background that was discussed earlier in the week. Your student’s workshop book has every comprehension skill and vocabulary strategy for each week.  These mini lessons are a great way to practice for the weekly reading assessment.  

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    Language Arts, Math, and Reading with Mrs. Schilling



    Social Studies/Science with Miss Alexander