• Science



    I am looking forward to another great year of science! Be prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and get your hands a little dirty. This website will be a great resource to stay up to date on science events occurring in the classroom. Please check back often for important homework due dates and test dates!



    Every student is encouraged to keep a science binder. The binder must be brought to class everyday as it will be used during each class period. The binder will include warm-ups, in-class work, chapter vocabulary, and study guides. The interactive binder will be the best resource students have to succeed in science.  I will keep a table of contents for the current chapter posted in my room. 



    • Science enrichment is a quarter class that allows students to do more hands on projects. The curriculum for this class will based on educating the students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
    • The projects may correlate with the topic currently studied in their regular science class or they may pertain to a topic we don't have time to cover in the regular class. My goal is to strengthen every student's critical thinking and problem solving skills through a variety of fun challenges. These skills can be used in every aspect of their lives!
    • Since this class is loaded with projects, please keep an eye out for notes asking for help to supply the material necessary.